Your secret for eternal young will be hidden under your skin.


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Come to VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana and see the benefits you can achieve with the butt fillers treatment

It’s a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. You don’t need to take a time off for recovery

It remains unnoticed while giving you firmness to your face and produces collagen to make new tissues

The treatment erases wrinkles giving new life to your skin

The threads are made to remain in their action even when they dissolve with no adverse effects

It creates new tissues stimulating collagen, with long-lasting effects even after they dissolve

Most of the patients can follow their normal activities immediately or the next day after treatment

The doctors at VIVE Medical Spa have international training for practicing safe procedures and getting the best results


The PDO threads treatment is simple. Your doctor will place surgical threads under the surface of the skin to generate a network that supports the soft tissues. After some time, regularly sis months, the threads dissolve with no adverse effects, leaving firmness and renewed tissue with a youthful and lifted appearance.


The PDO thread lift procedure usually takes less than an hour in the office


The first action that your doctor is marking the areas and lines of the treatment in your skin


You’ll have a local anesthetic  to avoid any discomfort


Your doctor inserts a long tiny needle, or cannula, with the thread  attached to it, into your skin.


The threads are positioned under the skin’s surface to make a web under the area of the treatment


You can drive to go back home because the anesthesia will not affect your senses


Dr. Sergio is the head of VIVE Med Group, which joins the best physicians in Esthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.

He studied Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico. He has extensive experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. He constantly attends international congresses to keep up to date in the area. Dr. Sergio brings the latest treatments and medical beauty techniques to Tijuana.

His constant updating has allowed him to turn VIVE Medical Spa into a leader in aesthetic treatments for the national and international public.

He is a trusted friend to the patients, personally involved in each one of the treatments and procedures.





Dr. Dario was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he grew up and trained as a physician. Aesthetic medicine is the path he has always been passionate about to help people achieve their goals.

Due to his experience in Plastic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, besides the non-invasive practices, he is in charge of pre and postoperative follow-up of surgery patients at VIVE Med Group.

His goal is to provide the best treatments to achieve beautiful results with the best practices in injections and the latest technology in procedures.

Dr. Jorge Hernandez was born in Mexico City, where he studied medicine at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

His field is Aesthetic Medicine, where he has the skills and training for giving the best results. His goals are both health and achieving beauty for the patients, improving their self-esteem, and making them live better lives.

Since his childhood, Dr. Jorge got involved in the world of medicine, as her mother was a nurse, and he was able to know and be passionate about the care of patients.







A facelift is a surgical procedure to tighten the skin of the face. PDO threads are non-invasive, do not require surgery, and are applied in a few minutes in the office.

The threads will not be visible and will not generate discomfort, althought you will feel your face fresher and tighter, without loose akin. It will be a very pleasent sensation while the collagen works.

The material is polydioxanone (PDO), a substance similar to sugar. For the first time, it was used in heart surgery to suture the most delicate areas and then dissolve without risk to the patient

Its because PDO Threads are inspired by the spider’s web, the strongest and at the same time tiniest structure in nature. Their effects on lifting and giving support to your skin are amazing!

Yes, your doctor will recommend you the most appropriate according to your goals. They can be smooth threads or with microscopic tips that hold the skin tightly.

It is painless, although some patients may experience discomfort during application. To avoid this and for your comfort, the doctor may apply a mild local anesthetic.

Foxy Eyes is an application of PDO threads around the eyes and especially at the adges of the eyebrows, to achieve those enigmatic sights and attractive fox or cat eyebrows.

Almost anyoone over 18 years old can be a candidate for the PDO Threads treatment. The most dramatic results are in patients from 40 to 50 years old, because their skin is still ready to react to the stimulation. Rather, it’s possible to get good results in people over 70.

Nowadays, VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana has the latest technology in Esthetic Medicine, and the PDO treatment is performed by the best specialists educated in the US and Europe, using the newest techniques. Meet them!



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