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A mom can look and feel spectacular with Mommy Makeover

The birth of a child is a beautiful miracle, but some mothers struggle with the physical effects of post-pregnancy, such as excess skin.

A mommy makeover can rejuvenate her appearance and confidence by combining several transformative procedures.

Every mom needs help if she wants it

This cosmetic surgery procedure helps moms look the way they did before pregnancy, while others want a body that surpasses the way they looked in the past. Each patient’s care is unique.

We assess her needs and work to understand exactly what she wants to achieve with her mommy makeover surgery. Breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks are among the most in-demand mommy makeover plastic surgeries we offer.

All this is what our Mommy Makeover includes

Breast augmentation

The breasts are one of the areas most affected by pregnancy. We offer multiple remarkable breast augmentation procedures that many women Our desires. implants can give you the shapely, even breast you desire.


By receiving liposuction, you can say goodbye to stubborn and unwanted fat. We use elite technology for our body contouring liposuction that can remove pounds from the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, hips, neck, and arms.


After pregnancy, many women struggle with a flabby tummy. Tummy tucks address this problem by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing specific fat from the midsection.

Do not wait any longer, trust the best

Our mommy makeovers are performed safely by qualified plastic surgeons. We coordinate the entire experience for you, from meeting in the United States to your entire time in Tijuana, Mexico. To choose a mommy makeover that will enhance your body while being totally affordable, all you must do is call   (619) 430-2565.

We make moms beautiful using
only the best technology available:


Our popular J-Plasma skin tightening technique uses ionized helium gas to increase the effectiveness of liposuction and reduce recovery times. It allows a less invasive surgery than other methods of liposuction.


VASER is another advanced liposuction technology that we use. By using VASER ultrasound vibrations to dislodge fat cells from each other, our surgeons can perform a more comfortable and smoother liposuction.


Our team is always looking for ways to make your treatment more effective and comfortable. That's why we adopted Microaire technology. Microaire is a fat dissolving device that allows us to reach typically hard-to-find fat deposits.


BodyTite is a heat treatment that provides body contouring by removing loose skin and excess fat. Treatment results are seen immediately and usually become more apparent over the next year.

Our results speak for themselves

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Patients from all over the United States, Mexico, and beyond trust Vive Plastic Surgery for their beautification surgeries, plus we have board-certified surgeons and highly trained staff ready to help make your experience safe, comfortable, and effective; and finally, we can provide the following benefits:

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